Create alerts for Extreme Wireless Controller and APs

Our wireless network is based on Extreme Networks Wireless Controller V2110 and AP3805i. LibeNMS provides very useful information such as Number of clients connected to each AP, Channel utilization or SNR. But what I need is to get an alert when one AP is down or channel utilization reaches a critical point. There are some variables like “access_points.radioutil” but I couldn’t get any alert working. Is there anybody who got this problem solved?

If the sensors show in device settings then yes you could alert on that. Check here ->

Thanks, Kevin, I found it. Now I am getting alert messages by email. The content is not very user friendly:

Alert for device - Wireless Sensor over limit got acknowledged Severity: critical Timestamp: 2018-04-05 12:17:26 Unique-ID: 3066 Rule: Wireless Sensor over limit Faults: #1: sysObjectID => .; sysDescr => Extreme Networks Wireless Controller - V2110 Medium, System Version; sensor_id => 3; sensor_descr => Connected Clients; sensor_oids => ["."]; Alert sent to:

For instances, the email doesn’t include the programmed limits which caused the alert, “Alert sent to:” is empty, etc. Is there a way to customize the email alert message?

Thanks for your help. Thomas.

check here for alert templates.

Thanks for your answer.
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