Create Graphs only for used interfaces



I see that Librenms creates graphs for all discovered interfaces, could it be possible to create graphs only for selected interfaces, cause i would or may not need graphs for all interfaces, and besides its also could curb the disk space used for creating graphs, i am looking to replace cacti, wish this was possible

Clifford Dsouza


You can on the dashboard using the widgets. Look in the docs for dashboards.


I think he wants to sort out specific interfaces.
Therefore you can define them on the config file as bad_if. Just have a look at the docs, it’s written in there.


Hi Jarod

I guess im not getting it, i.e. the bad_if stuff, lets say we have 48 interface detected by librenms when we add a device, however i need the graphs or polling for statistics for only 2 interfaces, like i can do with cacti, example cacti can list my interfaces and then i can decide to graph or get statistics for only the interface i need.


Clifford Dsouza


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