Create librenms dashboard and guest account from command line

I’m wondering if there is a way to create a dashboard from the command line. The web GUI is nice and all, but I want several automated dashboards available for a guest user account.

(the guest account being the aside.) I know you can create an account using the adduser.php command, but what do the 1-10 levels stand for? I saw in the documentation that the admin account receives the 10. Does 1 specify global read? Or normal user? For a guest account I would prefer to have them only have global read powers.

Thanks in advance!

11 - Demo User
10 - Global Admin / Admin
5 - Global Read
1 - Normal User

Thanks, what about creating a dashboard from the cmd line?

Not possible from the cli

it should be saved somewhere yes? So couldnt you just reproduce a file after creating the kind of dashboard?

no clue i never seen it done.