Create rule from collections seems to fail

Hi, i have installed a new machine with LibreNMS and when i add a new alert rule it seems the add alertrules based on the create rule from collection, search synology select the synology related rules are not added at all if you select add…

am i running into a bug ?

i installed, then i added the default set, and then i wanted to add specific alert rules and there it fails.



Experiencing same symptom here - across FireFox & Chrome…can add custom rule, but creating from ‘collection’ fails - appears to just refresh the page.

Ditto. Same behavior. Just refreshes the page back to the Alert Rules. Does not provide any other dialog / or create the rule from collection.

I’m having the same issue on 3 installs. I can’t add rules from the collection. Choosing select the window will disappear but no rule is added to the list.

I have tried Chrome, Firefox, and Edge. All 3 are the same.

The validate config passes with no errors.