Creating a new transport, getting "This transport type is not yet supported"

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Hi, I am trying to create a new alert transport for ServiceNow. I thought I could start off from the existing API transport. So, copied the Api.php and renamed a few key strings in the code. Created a ServiceNow.php and copied in.

This enables me to see the “ServiceNow” as a transport type when creating a new alert transport on LibreNMS. However, when I enter detail and try to save the transport, it gives me an error

“This transport type is not yet supported”

Is there another step that I need to do other than putting the ServiceNow.php in /LibreNMS/Alert/Transport? I can’t understand why I am getting this error message.

UPDATE: My bad, the file was wrong.

I find that the naming of the transport should be “Servicenow” not “ServiceNow”. Once renamed, working fine.