Creating a Weathermap from scratch

Hi all,

I am new to Network Management Systems and I am somewhat stuck. I am looking to create a weathermap of a network but with no success. For now this what I have accomplished:

Installed LibreNMS
Installed Weathermap plugin
Added nodes to LibreNMS (getting SNMP data)
Added nodes within weathermap editor
Linked nodes together
Inserted Output Image & HTML filename (mine are set to output/TestOne.png and output/TestOne.html)
Set HTML Style to Overlib (DHTML)

The issue is to display the created the weathermap. If there is anyone that could help me out and give a step by step guide, that would be extremely helpful.


did you look at the WeatherMap doc?
If go to Plugins -> Weathermap do you see the map output?
If not it could permissions are not set correctly or your cron is not set per the doc.

Thank you for your quick response.

No i do not, this is the only output I see.

Will check it out

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I followed the instructions provided but its still not showing up. The only option I get is “Click here to access the editor where you can create and manage maps”. I can view the maps within the editor:

No idea why.

Have you installed rrdcached and other potential prereqs for weathermap? Those are not there per default I think.
I was in the same boat a couple of days ago and fiddled with this and “weathermapper” and found rrdcached was missing.
By now I see the maps and overlays but am still missing the percentage values, so have no real working recipe yet for you

What permissions are you setting on the output files?

Im doing the following :

sudo chmod 777 output/

Is this incorrect ?

Also within the output folder, there aren’t any other files apart from index.php

I did as proposed and reinstalled rrdcahced but this caused an issue. I was getting graph issues. The graphs stopped working.

chown -R librenms:librenms Weathermap/

Also, you should have the map outputs in that folder. I would double check your config make sure it outputting to the correct folder.


I am having issues with creating a weathermap. As described in the documentation, once a weathermap is created with the appropriate settings i am supposed to navigate to the output maps but i am not seeing this !!

I have re-installed the plugin, installed all pre-requests, gave the appropriate permissions and nothing!

Help would be greatly appreciated.

Make sure your maps are actually outputing to correct folder.

Those are not the correct permissions please see the document

I also had this issue

the fix was posted here

missing dependancy php-pear

apt install php-pear

or yum install php-pear etc

Output works now.

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