Creating alerts based on Graylog logs

Hi Guys,

I was wondering if libreNMS can fire alarms based on logs, namely logs received from Graylog.
I have a Graylog server integrated with LNMS and works as expected.
What I’m trying to achieve is to have LNMS send an alert based on specific received logs.
For example, LNMS receives a log of a switch being configured by a user, it fires an alarm to the admins based on that log entry, such as:

If it can, anyone can share a template for that type of alert ?

As far as I know, this is currently not possible unless someone will develop this.
I think you can do alerts in Graylog but i’m not an expert there.

thanks @paulierco for the fast response.
I will also look into Graylog (not an expert myself) and I prefer doing it via LNMS.
I think it’s a very good feature to develop though, since logs are good source for Alarms.

I will update the link with what I find or not find in Graylog.

I recall some discussions on discord when I asked that it’s a common setup for people to use graylog and alert from it in tandem with LNMS. I’ve done the same in the past for critical alerting from graylog, in some cases even using it for instant notification of LibreNMS logging itself. The granularity of stream alerting, thresholds, grace periods, historical look back etc. make it great for tuning out noise and targeting specific things, and the alerting can be instant.

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