Creating an alert for power consumption

Hello everyone,

I discovered LibreNMS a few days ago so I’m complety new :nerd_face:. That’s why I need your help. :index_pointing_at_the_viewer:

First of all, my project is to create an alert (“alert rule”) in order to see the power consumption of my PDUs.

To be more precise, I have to see the power consumption of people connected to my PDU, and receive an alert when the person exceeds, for example, 400 watts.
And so see how much these people, have exceeded the limit.

I specify that research was carried out upstream by me but in vain. :pensive:
And unfortunately, I don’t know how to proceed, or even if it is possible. :thinking:

So, I stay online all day for the simple purpose of not missing your messages.
And I really look forward to reading your suggestions. :hugs:,

Thank you in advance


Were you able to figure out how to create alerts for PDUs? I am having the same need and I haven’t found a way yet.


is your device detected in LibreNMS and can you see the power consumption of your
PDU via snmp in LibreNMS?



Yes the PDU is detected and I can monitor the power consumption. I just haven’t seen a way to alert on, for example, more than X amount of current is consumed.


Go to Alerts → Alert rules, then create new Alert rule.
Something like this should work see the pic below.
You have to set your power value treshold, sensor description and your device + the alert transport



Thank you very much, this works flawlessly!

Thank you!

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