Credential Profiles

When making system-wide changes to the credentials that LibreNMS uses (such as SNMP v2 community strings or v3 user accounts), it would be a lot less time consuming to use credential profiles rather than have that information saved individually per device. Multiple credential profiles could be configured. For example, one profile for older devices that only support SNMP v2, another profile for SNMP v3, or even multiple of each based on things like functional area, geographical location, device type, encryption methods supported, etc. A single change to the credential profile would be all that is needed to change every device that uses that profile. Or, you can go to the device and, with a simple drop-down, change which credential profile is used for that device. This would be in addition to the current method of defining the credentials individually per device. We would have the choice of using the current method OR a credential profile.

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