Custom Application/Graph Help

Hi All,

I’m trying to create a Custom Graph with data outputted from multiple temperature sensors on a Raspberry Pi.

I have created a python script which outputs the following when doing an snmpwalk:

snmpwalk -c community -v2c rpi-temp01 -Oqv .

There are 4 sensors total. Of which 2 are Temperature and 2 are Humidity.

From there I have created the Application in:

Then the page in:

And Finally the Graphs in: /opt/librenms/includes/html/graphs/application/

The ./poller.php and ./validate.php output are also in the paste link.

Now when I enable the Application in the Web UI, it shows the Graphs OK, but with NAN as the data.

Would anybody be able to have a look at the code to see if you can see where I am going wrong? Apologies for the link-ception but I could only post 2 links!

I referenced the pi-hole application for most of the code.

Appreciate the help in advance!

If they are temperature/humidity sensors… I maybe would do discovering them as sensors so they show in the “health” tab and in the device overview.

I think that might be the best route. The reason I went for an Application was due to it being more of a Room Temperature thing rather than something to do with the device itself.

I’m still new to the whole custom side of things - do you know how I would go about doing it the way you suggested?