Custom loadbalancer-module

I’m using a loadbalancer(module) from another vendor that’s not registered with librenms.
(Request custom loadbalancer module add-on like netscaler-vsvr)

please… guide or feature

Many Thanks!

Hi @alven-kim

Your question is not totally clear.

You have a device, a load balancer, that you cannot share the secret name here, and that is not supported by default in LibreNMS. Then, as far as I can see, you need to either add support for this unknown load balancer yourself, or hope that somebody will guess your device vendor and model, implement it, and contribute it to LibreNMS …

More seriously, please give details here, may be other already have your device, and may help.

Basic support (interfaces, CPU, etc) is like any other device, can be usually added easily, usually without a single line of code.
Deeper LoadBalancer stats require more code, and you can start with existing LB code (F5, Netscaler, etc)


Thank you very much for your answer. I understood.

The LB vendors I need are Brocade ServerIron(ADX) and PIOLINK(PAS-K, Made in SouthKorea).
PIOLINK has a disadvantage in that MIB is not provided.

But does ADX have references to LB modules?

Thank you for your time. :slight_smile: