Custom MIBS

Hi guys I have tried to import new MIB files but cant figure out how to tell librenms toto use a specifi mib for devices. I cant seem to find docs on this either.

LibreNMS is not MIB based. Just adding a MIB will do nothing it needs to be coded into the device os.yaml

If you are trying to add support for a new device do the following.

MMM ok Ill give this a go. By the way how is LiberNMS support for ubiquiti? It is specifically for these devices that I want to add graphs because data I currently get is not correct. I am working with AirOS8 and 7

Also doe the files name have to be puls,yaml? What if I whant to create a second and third OS

The yaml file name must match the OS name itself. If a device runs an entirely different OS then it needs a new OS detection creating, if it’s just a different revision or firmware then it stays as the same OS.

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