Custom Node Name

I’m trying libreNMS but i cannot see any possible option to add a custom name to a node.
The IP address or hostname are not an option, because it simply does not tell you enough of the node.

Is this something that is coming to libreNMS?
I would realy like to see an option like this, otherwise i have to stay at opennms, wich is slower, and the looks are simply not as good.

Perhaps device groups may fulfil your requirement (Explain groups for me like i am 5!)

I think the hostname should reflect the true hostname of the device. You could also use Device notes if you want to embed additional information into alerts etc.

That does not cover it.
When i look at the Geo map, and a node is down, it only shows hostname or IP address.
I need a Node label to identify the node the way i see fit. For example, a customer name.
A simple node label can just do that.

I see how it could be handy in that scenario,

as an alternative you could use the weathermap plugin with custom node labels, or use the alert transport with alert notes so you can see additional information when the node goes down.

That is a workaround, but not a actual solution. It’s just i simple function every other NMS has!
Is this something that will be availible in future versions or is it something never coming?
That way i can decide to choose wich solution we choose.

Why not use the ip or hostname to sysname feature?

Enable or disable the sysDescr output for a device.

$config['force_ip_to_sysname'] = false;

When using IP addresses as a hostname you can instead represent the devices on the WebUI by its SNMP sysName resulting in an easier to read overview of your network. This would apply on networks where you don’t have DNS records for most of your devices.

$config['force_hostname_to_sysname'] = false;

When using a dynamic DNS hostname or one that does not resolve, this option would allow you to make use of the SNMP sysName instead as the preferred reference to the device.

LibreNMS is all drive by the community all code is volunteered nobody is working on what you are requesting nothing here is guaranteed to be coming… More than welcome to submit code changes.