Custom OID


I am very new to LibreNMS and SNMP in general.

I have a raspberry pi with some ds18b20 temperature sensors attached.

I have snmpd running and during an snmpwalk (, the custom OID’s appear (starting on line 713 of the pastebin paste) and report the temperatures.

I have the temperatures graphing in PRTG by adding a custom SNMP (

How can I add these OID’s to LibreNMS ?


i would look around in here

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for that.

I ran through the ./scripts/new-os.php script and it created a yaml (

Still not really sure what it is doing and how to then attaches to the device.


That’s how new devices are added into LibreNMS with YAML file. Your device should now be discovered as what put into the YAML file. If you want open PR on GitHub and somebody can help you.