Custom os in LibreNMS

Hello. Was it possible to modify LibreNMS so that I could create my own os, but git ignored these files? Something in style I have lots of arduin based sensors and I often modify the code so it would be impractical to do PR every time. Another arduino contains a light snmp, but through the php files it works in LibreNMS. I would like to have it in LibreNMS, but also to run automatic updates

Why not share your new device os in give back to the community? Make a PR in GitHub.

I have different sensors that I built and are not standardly available.
In the old system, I liked adding different sensors.
In my opinion, the user should be able to adapt LibreNMS to the situation.
I did a couple of PRs (alcoma, ray, edge-core) and, of course, those adjustments I could use to add others.
But if it’s a big hit in LibreNMS, it does not matter, I’ll go back to the old system.

My English is a bad google google translator.

@erotel When you add new files, you don’t need to git ignore them. They won’t break updates unless we happen to add files with the same name upstream. Also, if you make your code generically usable, we would accept it.

If you want to add different sensor types than we already have, we would welcome your contribution :slight_smile:

I like to share, but really some sensors are only usable in our network
Obviously what others can use, I’m very happy to hand over.

if you prepend your OS’ with something like cust_ then it’s unlikely we will create those files so you should be safe for updates.