Custom Sensors

Hi all!
The default implementation of SNMP on macOS does not get info on fans, voltage, temp, current, etc. I wanted to try and add this. I had to do some annoying things to get the reading of the sensors to work so I don’t think that any of this would become part of LibreNMS right now though maybe someday it could become an application.

Anyway, I am using the Python snmp_passpersist module to extend SNMP. Under the OID ., I have five tables for Current, Power, Voltage, Fans, and Temperature. Each table has many entries. There are too many for just using the custom OID function to work well. The only issue is the LibreNMS will only grab the first item from the table and nothing else. I think that maybe I made my MIB incorrectly but I can’t seem to figure it out. I’ve been following this tutorial to modify macosx as needed (Intro - LibreNMS Docs).

Here are some files which may help (I can only put two links in a post so I put links to the files in here):

One of the sensors pages on my LibreNMS instance note that power does not show up and only one of the temperature probes shows up (the name is correct, I am still working on translating the IDs to better descriptions)