Custom Service with Negative Value Not Graphing

I have a custom service that returns negative values for a couple of the values as they are RSSI values:

Here’s the example output from the service:

OK|egressDataRate=46.81 equalizerStress1=94 equalizerStress2=72 ingressDataRate=427.03 rslPort1=-45.8 rslPort2=-44.7 wirelessRxFrames=4069420983 wirelessTxFrames=1921554141

Everything in the list graphs in it’s own graph and everything shows values except the RSL’s which are negative.
What do I need to do to get the RSL values graphing?

Any help here ?
I have a simular Problem.

I have a few Outdoor and Room Temperature sensors which i would like to monitor.
So far i used a bash script which is used as nagios plugin.
In summer everything is fine, as the sensor values are positiv. In Winter when the temperature is falling the sensors deliver negative values. The Graph stops showing any values.

Any Idea how to integrate them in librenms so that the graph will also show the negative values ?
Maybe there is another way to integrate things like this.

Thanks in advance

$scale_min = -30;

I had the same problem with outside temps.
Seems like this might solve the problem. Change scale min to your preferred value. Maybe the min value should be more dynamic with the values that the probe gives. Or maybe the ability to set that in the custom oid config might be useful. I’ll look in to it, may I can come up with a universal solution that can be committed to the code base.

You can also set the max.
$scale_max = 30;
$scale_min = -30;

Edit: You can also omit the scale_min altogether to have a completely dynamic graph!