Custom SNMP MIBs

Hi All,

Sorry if the question is dumb, but who can I check what devices uses what snmp mibs?
For example paloalto?

Also curious if I can replace those mibs.

Palo has their own MIBs for each version and that might fix issue I’m facing.

Thanks in advance!

What is the issue?

LibreNMS does not parse MIBs to discover sensors for devices. LibreNMS uses static discovery definitions written in YAML or PHP. Therefore, updating a MIB alone will not improve OS support, the definitions must be updated. LibreNMS only uses MIBs to make OIDs easier to read.

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Thanks for replying Kevin.

The issue is that I’m troubleshooting wrong SNMP data on PaloAlto subinterfaces and want to understand is that Libre or Palo issue.

For example I have ae1 and then ae1.100, ae1.200 sub-interfaces.

Now when I look at the ae1 (physical interfaces) SNMP data is correctly shows traffic.
When I check and sum traffic from ae1.100 and ae1.200 - they show much much less traffic and sum is not even close to the real physical interface.

Before I dig, could you point me where to check the OIDs used with Palo devices?


If you run ./poller.php -h HOSTNAME -d on the device you should be able to see what the data is and get debug inof such as OID’s

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Thanks a lot!