Custom widgets

Where can I find information on creating custom dashboard widgets?

Unfortunately, there is no documentation on that. You can look for the other widgets in the code and copy them.

So I got to the point where I did a widget seed, added a widget id in the database, created an inc file and a blade file.

This is all fine. I can put a widget on a dashboard. But now I get a message saying “problem with backend”

Any hints or tips on where to go from there?


Check logs/librenms.log should indicate where the error is. Or view the output of the ajax request.

I think I got it. The hardest part was just figuring out how everything lined up and it took a bit to figure out that I had to run composer. All I was getting was error 404 for my widget when I was expecting 500 or something else.

After running the composer again the widget started populating with data.