Customize Weathermap legend

Hello all,
I’m new to LibreNMS and Weathermap plugins. After i make a visualization of network that i need to make me and my friend found out that the Weathermap legend sometimes confuse us for example R1 connected to R2 have a maximum bandwidth 1000Mb/sec (1gbps). then R2 to R3 have a maximum bandwidth 10000Mb/sec (10gbps). Traffic from R1 to R2 110M (label blue), traffic from R2 to R1 75M (label purple), traffic from R2 to R3 150M (label purple) and traffic from R3 to R2 90M (label white). For a sec because of the legend R1 to R2 or vice versa have more traffic load but after seeing the number R2 to R3 or vice versa have the larger traffic. Is it possible to change the legend to be customize with my need in this case i want to make the legend base on range of bytes for example white (range 0-1mbps) blue (1mbps-100mbps) and so on.