CyberPower UPS Agent


I’m new here. Got LibreNMS installed and running. So far, so good. Love that it’s free, and does SO much in one place.

One thing I’m having trouble with is the UPS attached to our server. We’re a small non-profit, and so our UPS (Cyberpower) is USB-attached to the server. Cyberpower provides a software agent that can respond to SNMP on the local machine. It took some TomFoolery to get it working, because CyberPower takes over the SNMP service of the host (our server, in this case). Moving the server away from port 161 solved that, now I have both responding to SNMP (though, it might be worth mentioning I had to force-add the UPS, since it’s at the same IP address as the server; it has a different hostname, though, and I’m assuming that’s ok).

With that background, the UPS device doesn’t display any useful SNMP info. LibreNMS identifies it only as a generic device. The SNMP shows a few metrics, and responds (as far as I can tell) with a proper OID. The Server device in LibreNMS shows up properly, so it seems LibreNMS is treating them as separate. Is there some magic, or a new setting or something I can adjust to get LibreNMS to recognize this thing as a UPS and display useful info?

SNMP capture output:
Poller output:


Hi @MarcusPLS

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