Cyberpower v2.9 MIB

I’m having an issue with my LibreNMS instance with a Cyberpower PR1500RT2U with the RMCARD205 management card installed. It appears that LibreNMS is using an older MIB that incorrectly identifies a couple values, specifically the Battery Voltage and the Output Current. Both of these should be 0.1 resolution but are currently at 1 resolution. The newer version of the MIB v2.9 shows these changes. I can fix this easily by updating the cyberpower.yaml file and adding the appropriate divisor values, but I wasn’t sure about trying to create my own pull request for this. I know this works with my hardware, but I’m sure there are other devices out there that use the older MIB definition.

For reference, the new MIB is available at :

Just found this too :laughing:. Creating a PR here, no issue, but one question first … for some UPS’s, current is not provided directly => rather, it needs to be calculated from power rating (available in MIB), also the output voltage. But - how in YAML to do the calculation (optionally)?


PR submitted, PR#12827.