D-Link DGS-1250-28X support

Hello everyone, I have D link DGS-1250-28X switches. But librenms does not display information about memory, processor, optical transceivers. Please help me with this. The last time I dealt with a similar problem, but only with DGS models-1210-20/ME and D-Link DGS-1210-28/ME @Peca_Nesovanovic helped me a lot, I still use his patch and am grateful to him for his work!

MIB file:

Snmpwalk from librenms:

Hello @pavel.khardikov

Analyzing a little your snmpwalk output and your MIBs, it seems to me that the information you want is not available via SNMP (it has happened to me with switches from other brands).

For a comparison with the information you provide, I ask you… How many transceivers do you have connected, and what brand are they?

I await your response.


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Hello Alejandro, thanks for the response! @aleferrari
At the moment, I use one copper SFP+ DEM-410T transceiver 10G, if necessary, I can connect an optical one and send a file. But in fact, CPU and RAM are more important to me.


Thank you for your feedback, but @Peca_Nesovanovic has already agreed to help me once again!

here you go @pavel.khardikov

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@Peca_Nesovanovic Thank you for your work, everything is working fine! :handshake:

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Счастливого Нового Года! :slight_smile:

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