Dashboard graph for temperature


I am trying to get to my dashboard graph of one sensor of temperature, but when i added a graph “Tempeature” from the list, that is gave me a stacked graph for all temperature sensors of the device, so then i tried to choose “Sensor” from the list and choose a device that gave me a Error Drawing Graph. Is possible to get not stacked graph of temperature ? Just for one sensor to my dashboard ?

Thank you.

Use the generic image widget and you can paste the url to the specific graph you want, just drop the from= and to= parts.

Can you help me with this ?

My link for the specific graph http://myserver/graphs/to=1520346900/id=1023/type=sensor_temperature/from=1520260500/

Right click on the actual graph in that and copy image url, then remove the to= and from=.

The graph url should have graph.php in it.

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Thank you it worked for me. Today i found an examples for generic-image widget, so when will be somebody needs it here is it. It is very usefull.