Dashboard Slideshow


Is it possible to make dashboard slideshow? I mean automaticly change dashboards 2-3 or 10 min on TV screen…


What you’d like to have is a timed change/rotation between multiple dashboards.
This is not implemented yet.
But dashboard itself refreshes automatically.

If you’d like to, feel free to write code for it and do a pull request.

Yes for refresh i know, but i am looking to put 5-6 dashboard at one screen in TV and automaticly change dashboards…

It’s not implemented yet, but could be a nice feature.

But i don’t think someone is working on it.
If you’d like to feel free to implement it :slight_smile:

How about a browser with multiple tabs and a tab slideshow extension.

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already implemented in chrome extension set by second tab rotate

Same here.

I will try with chrome extensions thank you guys. Just one question … Is there some audio alert when device/port is down? I mean monitoring on tv network and get audio alert noifications

Thank you

No audio present

No, but that is a wish list :slight_smile:

Thats very good thing. I think developers its good to implement this… I mean important for this bussiness

what about using a second Alert Transport (API) which goes to something which does the acoustic alert, or whatever you want to? :slight_smile: