Dashboard widget for open tickets (showing number rather than graph)

What is the best way to add a dashboard widget that shows the latest measurement as a number? (not a graph)

Here’s an example of the type of widgets I’m trying to add to our Dashboard:


  • We have TVs that display the LibreNMS dashboard in our office
  • I would like to display info from our ticketing system (current number of tickets, etc)
  • We’re using a Nagios plugin to collect the current number of open tickets as a number
  • My issue is that I haven’t been able to find any method to create a dashboard widget that lets me just show the latest result
  • The issue isn’t specific to Nagios plugins. We’d also like to display the most recent value of a temperature sensor, rather than display a graph
  • My suspicion is that it’s not currently possible to do this in LibreNMS. Please correct me if I’m wrong
  • Would doing this require adding new dashboard widgets? I had a look in the /opt/librenms/resources/views/widgets directory, but I don’t know how to write PHP. Is there an obvious technical limitation preventing this type of widget from being created? I’m debating whether to try implementing a new widget to get this functionality

Relevant KB: Customizing the Web UI - LibreNMS Docs

I know a couple people with Laravel experience. Will ask them what they think.

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Probably could make a new widget to just show the current value of something like a sensor, nagios check, or similar.

Here is a PR adding a widget. I’m not sure if it is a current example or not, but probably a good place to start.

Bumping thread to keep alive. I’ll update thread with progress, but nothing yet.

Bumping to keep alive. Haven’t learned PHP yet, still chipping away at this though

Bump to keep alive. Still chipping away at this

Bumping for keepalive. I’ve roped in some friends that are familiar with laravel, but we weren’t able to figure out how to do this yet. But haven’t given up.