Dashboards and Netflow data with LibreNMS

I’ve recently discovered LibreNMS after moving away from Solarwinds as they were asking for way to much money for the annual support.

We used Solarwinds to monitor all our Networks including Netflow, VMs and Azure performance.

After installing LibreNMS I have managed to quickly get a couple of Cisco ASA firewalls in there and a server and it looks good. I just have a few questions:

  1. Is there any way to get Netflow info into LibreNMS or do you use a separate open source product?
  2. Are you using any 3rd party dashboards with LibreNMS?
  3. How do you monitor Azure/AWS metrics, I have heard of Grafana?

Any suggestions would be great.

There is some nfsen integration. Others use things like elastiflow.
LibreNMS can export metrics to InfluxDB, which can be pulled in to Graphana for some nice dashboards.

Nice, I didn’t know you could integrate nfsen, can elastiflow or is that run separately?

So for the nice Grafana dashboard I need to export all the required data to an external DB like Influx then get Grafana to import?