Data corruption

I been using librenms for a few years. This week data seems corrupted. The default dashboard shows “no devices found within interval” or “no results found” msg in each widget. I have a very simple dashboard that is also erring out.
How can I trace down this problem.?
my initial though is to look for the code that process dashboards and look for the used queries…
When I access the same dashboard from an unauthenticated session, the dashboard displays properly. Data is still being gathered.
I did run successfully, and validate.php. Integrity is there but there is something that is causing this issue.

No data has been corrupted.
Try running lnms db:seed --class='Database\Seeders\RolesSeeder' and lnms tinker --execute='Bouncer::refresh()'

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Thank you, unfortunately it is still doing the same thing.

You probably need to do the full procedure then as outlined here:

That did it. Thank you!!!

When trying to mange users in the WebUI (Gear Symbol → Manage Users) I was a getting a ‘403: This action is unauthorized’ for all of my admin users. This fixed it. Thanks!

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