Datacore support

Hey guys,

Thank you for the great product! I’m using it on my company’s servers and my own.

On my work we have 2 datacore servers, which are windows 2016 servers with installed datacore on them.

I’ve enabled windows snmp service and also datacore snmp service, but my librenms detects only what windows itself sees. I mean that we have 12 hdds on raid1 groups that are managed by datacore and 2 ssds on raid1 for windows. Also we have fibre channel cards for the 2 servers, but none of those is seen by librenms, except 2 ssds for windows.

I’ve tried some nagios plugins for datacore and can successfully see the info from the datacore machines, but we want to monitor the disks and traffic in librenms.

Also find this from datacore support page, but I don’t know how to use those MIBs for my two datacore hosts?

Can someone helps me with this?

Thank you!

This is new support, create a new github issue and add the required info:

Or if you want you could try to add support yourself.