Date stamp of syslog messages when received

Sometimes the date stamp of a syslog entry that is generated by the device is either wrong or in a different timezone (eg. GMT vs PST). In the former, this could be that the device hasn’t gotten a date yet via NTP and so it may be set to zero epoch or some other random date.

The current syslog feature will show syslog entries in order of the client’s datestamp. I would like to see a date stamp when LibreNMS gets the entry and be able to order by that.

Thank you…


We are working on making these changes for everyone but for now, you can edit your syslog.conf and add these parameters

the $R_ will cause the Syslog entries to applied the time that they were received into the syslog server and not the time the device sent which you know can be wrong.


this will fix your issue. :slight_smile: