Delay for clearing alert status

I have an alert rule that fires when storage_perc > 90. My problem is that, every few days, a backup process causes the storage usage to look like it’s dropped significantly, but only for 5 min. This causes the alert to clear, but then fire again, leading to duplicate alerts.

I’m wondering if there’s any way of enabling something akin to a recovery delay. So if a device has an active alert, and that alert status clears, it checks again after a specific amount of time before actually clearing the alert. Or if a condition can be checked within the past 30 min…?


SELECT * FROM devices,storage WHERE (devices.device_id = ? AND devices.device_id = storage.device_id) AND storage.storage_deleted = 0 AND storage.storage_descr NOT REGEXP “^/.*” AND storage.storage_perc > 90

Max: 1; Delay: 1h; Interval: 0

Mute: 0; Invert: 0; Recovery: 0


@malaxes it waits until the alarm has been raised consistently for 30 minutes before alerting. It will still show up in the alerts tab in LibreNMS though.

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