Delay oxidized trigger

Hi all,

Is it possible somehow to delay the oxidized config refresh trigger made by librenms-syslog?
In some systems (like Mikrotik RouterOS) there is no universal “save” command which generates a specific log line, everything is modified and saved right after pressing apply.
I can only watch for “changed”, “removed”, “added” triggers but that triggers immediately a config refresh.
Any other idea how to avoid this, instead of delaying the trigger?

add the delay in the syslog-notify-oxidized.php ( at begining of script )

// Add a delay of 300 seconds

Note: this will delay backup for triggers from all devices 

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Thank you! This will be good for me.
Do you know if it is possible to somehow output a log record when this script runs? I might have issues with the regex for Mikrotik as it was not included, but I need to make sure.

I’m not sure if this script creates a log record. But instead of running the notify script, try running a simple shell script or another process for regex checking.
This makes it possible to verify the functionality of regex. You can go back to the notify script after verification.

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