Deleted ports and sensors, not coming back upon 'rediscovery' - related to Max Repeaters?


A few days ago, I started seeing a ‘no ports’ and ‘no sensors’ messages instead of the graphs.

Then I tried going to Ports->Deleted and saw that ALL the ports of ALL my devices have moved to the ‘deleted’ category. There is no ‘deleted’ category for the sensors, however.

The only graphs that have been left on, were those from poller duration and ping latency;

Those graphs, are showing a lot of ‘improvement’ in poller duration at certain time/date - which I can corelate to setting a pretty large number of Max Repeaters… i experimented with various counts, and i settled on a number of ‘500’ just because I could… I can’t exactly retrace my steps but even upon increasing this parameter to about the number of devices I poll (say, 100, from the default of 0) there were signs that some graphs were being lost (the Poller->Performance) (while Poler->Log is still, seems to be accurate.)

Is it reasonable to suspect this to happen because of meddling with Max Repeaters?

How do I restore ports & Sensors that were ‘deleted’ that way?

Thanks in advance.

This is confirmed: on totally fresh librenms install (that I was doing anyway for other unrelated reasons), a Mikrotik CHR device would NOT show any ports if the ‘max repeaters’ value is 500… upon setting it to 0 and re-discovering, the ports are detected.
(EDIT: I have now set max repeaters to 100 and ran ‘discover device’ again - it caused the sensors to get ‘deleted’, again.)
(EDIT 2: setting max_repeaters to 10 seems like all is re-added again)
(EDIT 3: it’s not mentioned that one must absolutely NOT exceed about 50 repeaters without side-effects? :slight_smile: )

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