Dell ME4024

Please add support for dell storage ME4024

Object ID.

Please provide the full sysObjectID and sysObjectDescr.

The system object identifier (sysObjectID) for Dell storage systems is

I can’t find anything about the "sysObjectDescr"since the only reference to this value I can find on Google in this thread. Do you have any information which can help us find what you need to support this device in LibreNMS?

I try to figue out how to send via pbin and snmpbulkwalk using snmp v3 :slight_smile:

and i still getting

Error: passphrase chosen is below the length requirements of the USM (min=8).
snmpbulkwalk:  (The supplied password length is too short.)
Error generating a key (Ku) from the supplied authentication pass phrase. 

I’ve submitted an update to add support to the Dell PowerVault OS: Added support for Dell PowerVault ME4024 by laf · Pull Request #13883 · librenms/librenms · GitHub

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