Dell OS10 Switches

I’m new to Oxidized (and LibreNMS) but so far so good. I’m having issues having Oxidized pull the config from Dell S-series OS10 switches, specifically with version 10.4.3 (haven’t tested others). I’ve tried teh FTOS and DNOS models with no luck. Any pointers on other drivers to try or how to debug what is going on so I can build my own model RB file?

If you have a working oxidized setup what I mean other types of devices are backed up. Then use oxidized script - oxs command to see live output of what happens for example - during sh run. Then you can find out where the model file is failing and edit model file accordingly.

Excellent, I’ll give that a shot. I do have it successfully retrieving configs from Procurve and ASAs, so I think I have the basics figured out. Thank you for the advice!