Deploy LibreNMS in Cisco Switch?


I heard LibreNMS can be deployed on a Cisco Catalyst 9300. Is this possible? I hope so.

to answer your question in short : NO!

to try and explain you what you’re asking: Librenms is a bunch of scripts and functions (im simplifying it here) that runs under a linux environment (under its prerequisite are fulfilled) so it can’t run on a switch.

but if you’re asking , that Cisco Catalyst 9300 is supported by Librenms , perhaps you need to try and install Librenms , then add the switch via SNMP , and in eventually monitor it via Librenms GUI.
you’ll find a detailed documentation how you can install and add your first device.

cheers mate

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@Ervin_Skendaj Correct, I am referring to deploying LibreNMS in a Cisco switch. There are some workloads that can be run in the Linux Cisco switch environment. I know ThousandEyes is one of the workloads that can be spun-up on a Cisco switch. On a recent podcast the guest mentioned running LibreNMS in a switch. I was wondering if anyone here has done this.

It’s called Application Hosting in Cisco land.

I think you’ll find the requirements to use the USB back port (correction you can use M2 SATA also) as your only storage option quite a show stopper for LibreNMS - it is very disk intensive, but technically you probably could do it with some hacking of a custom docker image as a proof of concept.

In my view it would be the equivalent of buying the cheapest possible single disk NAS you can find and running a VM on it. I can’t think of a single viable reason why that would be a sensible choice in a production environment, but I won’t judge :slight_smile:

You’d be completely on your own and at the mercy of Cisco’s codebase and underlying firmware support, app-HA, backporting, performance troubleshooting etc.

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