Depricated 0365 Connector on MS-Teams

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Currently, we are monitoring all of our critical assets though librenms and receiving notifications on MS-Teams with great success.

However, the other day, we received this message inside an alert.

Action Required: O365 connectors within Teams will be deprecated and notifications from this service will stop. Learn more about the timing and how the Workflows app provides a more flexible and secure experience. If you want to continue receiving these types of messages, you can use a workflow to post messages from a webhook request. Set up workflow

Immediately, we looked on the workflow app on MS-Teams, but it seems it integrates it only with Azure.

It seems that the corporate greed of Microsoft caught up and disallows us to use ms-teams webhook for notfications.

Is there any available workaround regarding this issue?

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I am also interested in this. Can’t seem to figure out a work around. Hopefully someone has an idea

I’m no expert in the capabilites of the current Teams connector, but wouldn’t it be possible to build something similar with Power Automate and a “HTTP action” that then calls the webhook in LibreNMS?

Hello @ChrisK928,

I noticed that article too.

However, i have one question.

What values should i add on Custom Headers and Request body?

Furthermore, should i create a Service Request for every different alert template we have?

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I’m afraid I can’t answer this (yet). I just started using LibreNMS a few weeks ago.
If I should guess, I would take a look into the API LibreNMS offers: Using the API - LibreNMS Docs
But I’m no expert in this. It just came into mind when I read your question.

To be honest, at this point i just hope the devs come out with a guide sooner or later


Here is a clue.

The way messages are pushed must be modified. When you create a power automate workflow that capture a webhook and sed it to teams it works almost like actual teams with few modifications;

An here you have the way to create the power automate workflow: Retirement of Office 365 connectors within Microsoft Teams