Desktop App for LibreNMS Community


Some of you may be like me and prefer to have some frequent WebApps as seperate Apps (to stop accidental closing of sites when you have had tab-rot happen).

I stumbled across this and found it extremely useful.

I used the below command to build my ‘App’
nativefier --name "LibreNMS Community" --honest

Happy Posting!

P.S. I can share my build if it’s useful… :smiley:

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Did you try desktop app for librenms aswell :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t yet, I’ve used the mobile one.

It’s a shame that discourse don’t do a desktop app as I frequent quite a few of them and it would be nice to have a UI similar to Slack/M$ Teams/Mattermost for all the forums.

I know they do a mobile app for Discourse…

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