Desktop App for LibreNMS Community

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Some of you may be like me and prefer to have some frequent WebApps as seperate Apps (to stop accidental closing of sites when you have had tab-rot happen).

I stumbled across this and found it extremely useful.

I used the below command to build my ‘App’
nativefier --name "LibreNMS Community" --honest

Happy Posting!

P.S. I can share my build if it’s useful… :smiley:

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Did you try desktop app for librenms aswell :stuck_out_tongue:

I haven’t yet, I’ve used the mobile one.

It’s a shame that discourse don’t do a desktop app as I frequent quite a few of them and it would be nice to have a UI similar to Slack/M$ Teams/Mattermost for all the forums.

I know they do a mobile app for Discourse…

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