Dev: translate state values with Model structure


I am wondering how I could get the state_translation achieved with the Model code structure (instead of doing selects in the code) ?

Here is the code (snmptrap handling) :

public function handle(Device $device, Trap $trap)
    $device_array = $device->toArray();
    $sensor = $device->sensors()->where('sensor_type', 'upsmgInputBadStatus')->first();
    if (!$sensor) {
        Log::warning("Snmptrap UpsmgUtilityRestored: Could not find matching sensor upsmgInputBadStatus for device: " . $device->hostname);
    $sensor->sensor_current = 2;
    log_event("UPS power restored, state sensor " . $sensor->sensor_descr . " has changed to ".$sensor->sensor_current . ".", $device_array, "Power", 1);


The goal is to replace $sensor->sensor_current with its textual equivalent.

This can be done with select like in “./includes/polling/” line 206 but the Object way would make more sense, I suppose.