Device Count

Hey, guys is there a better way to get device count. Using the UI I still have to count everything on the right side from Processors to State manually every week.

Any Ideas?

With device count, do you mean the total devices you have in librenms?

If yes, go to Gear -> About LibreNMS

If no…explain better :laughing:

Would prefer per device group count

just go in “Manage Groups” to see the count of Devices per Device Group.
The Count is also a link to see all Devices listed in Device List

can you tell me exactly where that is? I may need to request more permissions.


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Thank you! I’ve officially submitted a request to my managers.

Is it possible to do this without admin access

Yes in the device group it provides a count no admin required but your view may be restricted, if you can’t see this you need to speak to your LibreNMS admin.

Yes if we can be more specific so i can provide it to those who will need to know what to do.