Device discovery stops with error

I just deployed a new Ubuntu 18.04 box running version 1.59 of LibreNMS and the issue I have is that the discovery process throws an error after successfully discovering a few devices which is shown below

This message gets thrown when discovering a Mellanox switch and then the discovery process exists.

I will appreciate if you could point me in the right direction to resolve the issue. Thanks

please run ./validate.php

Hi Kevin,

Thanks for looking into this. I can confirm that this issue happens when discovering Mellanox switches, discovery runs without issues for the other devices in our environment.

Here’s the screenshot with ./validate.php output;

This screenshot is for the discovery process (with debug turned on) where the process stops and exits.

Just for context, our LibreNMS install does not have direct access to the internet as a security requirement.


Should I file a bug for this issue?