Device_display_default {{ $sysName_fallback }}

I installed a new Version of Librenms. Its working good but with one small problem
When I set device_display_default {{ $sysName_fallback }}
after about 2 hours it defaults back to IP address

I set it in the Web UI under Device Settings, Hostname, fallback to sysName for IPs after about 2 hours it defaults back to Hostname / IP
I have tried to set it in the /opt/librenms/config.php with no luck Is there another place this is being set that is over righting this setting

I have even tried to set it
lnms config:set device_display_default ‘{{ $sysName_fallback }}’

I have figure it out more information on this, something in my poller are clearing it as when I do the main host only it does not reset to from sys name been 16 hours now

I had some database rights wrong, once I fixed those to let the pollers talk it stopped resetting it self. So under Global Settings, Web UI, Device Settings, The Default device display name template kept changing from SysName back to Host / IP. The fix make sure your rights are correct on your main db server.

CREATE DATABASE librenms CHARACTER SET utf8mb4 COLLATE utf8mb4_unicode_ci;
CREATE USER ‘librenms’@‘localhost’ IDENTIFIED BY ‘password’;
GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON librenms.* TO ‘librenms’@‘localhost’;

I was also missing in my docker container the environment this statement "librenms_Distributed_Poller_enable=true

I think I found it.
Discovery Workers (Workers) (default set to 16) I set it to high and it ran out of memory causing libernms to loose the configuration as I can duplicate it with ./ 32 but when I run it as ./ 16 it does not reset back. so I changed all computer to us 16 the default
you can run this manually under /opt/librenms/

Now that’s great find :). I nuked a server when I ran into this problem and I do recall messing about with worker numbers.

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I set everything in poller settings back to default left it there and it has not changed back to host /ip for 36 hours now so I think I have solved my problem, I hope this helps others with the same problem, as I have a lot of time into figuring it out.

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