Device Feature: Override sysName

Pretty much exactly the same as Override sysLocation, some devices do not provide sysName, so it’s left blank, would be very helpful if this could be set manually.

Also you can set the sysname without SNMP enabled, so i just moved this code for when SNMP is enabled and it updates (but overwrites on next discover) Need new database flag entry for (Override sysName) and the code to check this, this is where my skill set declined rapidly.


This would be useful. In my deployment, I came across a handful of bugged ServersCheck devices that send their model number as the sysName. Apparently they fixed the bug in newer firmware, but never made that firmware available for older devices. So I am unable to monitor these devices with LibreNMS unfortunately.


I would like to add to this post that is would be very useful for me. I have many cameras of a certain brand and they do not report back system name. My only unique identifier is IP address which I have to lookup on other software. Allowing system name to manually be overridden would solve this for me.

Has this feature been added? I can’t see anywhere to override sysname with SNMP enabled.

It is now possible to workaround:
You add the device with a name and use the “override IP” to set the real IP of the device. That will make the trick.

thanks this worked