Device Filter for Health

Is there a technical reason there’s no device type filter on the Health page? E.g.

See here from the Devices page (

So maybe Health would look like this:

How difficult would it be to add?

No one has added it. It is possible, but not trivial.

Additionally, if this is a legacy page, it needs to be converted to Laravel when making major changes.

Thanks for your reply. I’ll take a look but it sounds like it could be above my skill level.

If there are any LibreNMS devs that are interested in sponsored LibreNMS feature development, I have a customer willing to sponsor a couple of things.

@murrant having spoken to our customer and my colleague who would be implementing the feature, is there any possibility that this feature would be accepted without porting to Laravel?

Unlikely. That is basically saying hey maintainers, here is more things you will have to port. Minimal changes are fine, but major changes require a lot of testing anyway.

Understood. Thanks for confirming :+1:t2:

EDIT: I should have added that it’s not an unwillingness to do the work on our part, it’s a lack of expertise in PHP/Laravel. We have tried to find a third party PHP/Laravel developer but the ones we’ve approached don’t know LibreNMS and are unwilling to spend the time getting up to speed with the codebase or take on the responsibility for owning the code long-term, hence the previous request for any LibreNMS devs willing to undertake paid development.