Device Group Condition

It would be very handy to have groups created dynamically based on the “begins with” and a “contains” condition.

Most of us name our equipment based on some kind of naming standard and it would be great to build dynamic groups based on either what the name starts with or something it contains.

As an example, I know that all of my switches contain the two letters “SW” in the name, and I know that all of my devices in City X begin with the first 3 letters of that citys name.

I imagine this would also be helpful for reporting?

hmm maybe try %devices.sysName ~ “@SW@”

you could use the wild cards @

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Excellent, thank you I will give it a try.

I’ve had some success with the regex support, so (based on my own setup) something along the lines of:

%devices.hostname ~ "^[email protected]@"

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So I assume the value would be %devices.hostname ~ “^[email protected]@” ?

What would be the pattern and the condition?



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Legend, thanks for that, it makes perfect sense, I’ll try that very soon.

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