Device Groups from Port Names/Descriptions

Is is possible to create Device Groups from port names or descriptions?

For example:

  • I have 2 devices: device1-server and device2-switch.
  • I have 3 ports: port1-clientA, port2-clientA port3-clientB
  • device1-server has port1-clientA
  • device2-switch has port2-clientA and port3-clientB

I would like to display a group of devices that have ports with specific names, such as, "show me all devices with “clientA” in the port name. Here is an example rule I have created:

However, no devices are displayed from that device group. Is this possible?

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Nevermind! The search term was actually under ports.ifAlias. I was only searching for ports.ifName and ports.ifDescr. Devices with certain port aliases are showing up in device groups now.