Device groups: Selecting devices question

I’m trying to tie down some device groups and am working through adding the necessary rules.

What I’d like to know is what each of the options mean/relate to in the first drop down box when creating a rule…

i.e. devices.display = ???

Is there such a resouce?

Those are the table and column names of the database. If you log in to MySQL and do:

desc devices;

You will get the list of column names which you can then use in your rules.

Just to help supercharge anyone else trying to get this information…

Some instructions for Linux users:

SSH into your Linux box
Connect to mysql:
mysql -h localhost -u YOUR_LIBRENMS_SQL_USER -p librenms
Get a list of column names for devices:
desc devices;
Select some data to check what the columns match to:
select hostname,sysname,display from devices;

You can then match the correct filter when filtering alerts/services etc based on what you’re seeing in the database.

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