Device Maintenance durations and/or dates

I know this has come up with some variation but I was hoping for a feature that would let me schedule maintenance or set an open ended duration etc.

The use case that comes to mind is having some device or another that needs to go offline till a part can be replaced or maybe a tech to get out to a location etc. or something is planned to be taken offline and possibly removed entirely, but definitely offline for some unknown period of time.

I found in the file where I can change the range but if I want to put something into maintenance mode for a week, 168 hours from now is kind of silly. I can change the steps, but then I change the steps… which only makes the list shorter. Really I’d want to say, “down till some date” or “down till I say so” etc.

I realize I can “Disable Polling and Alerting”, and/or “Disable Alerting” and/or “Ignore alert tag” (not totally sure what the last one does) but unless I’ve got something configured funny, they still show up in the down list, which, while technically correct, doesn’t give me an option to filter for devices that are down for non-maintenance reasons etc.

Maybe that’s two features… I don’t know if this is relevant or not, but the majority of the devices are ping only because they have very minimal features - some do telnet, some do telnet and ssh.

Does that make sense or did I just confuse things?

Alerts → Schedule Mainteance

Start, End, Map To (Devices, Groups, or Location)

Boy was I looking in the wrong spot! I was expecting to find this on the device page. Thanks, that’s a big help!

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