Device Names always show on Availability Map

Hi Again,

I read through what a pull request is. I can’t code and thus can’t add a feature to code and request to add it to a branch.

I need somewhere/somehow that I can request a feature to be added to LibreNMS.

If I can maybe state my problem a bit clearer to have you guide me where to request it.

  1. We monitor a large amount of UPS’s (Uninterrupted Power Supply’s) via SNMP
  2. We have no access to the UPS and thus
    2.1 The hostname is set to something that is useful to the device administrator, not to us monitoring the device
    2.2 The SystemName is set to something that is useful to the device administrator, not to us monitoring the device (also on some UPS devices firmware reports the system name incorrectly via the SNMP info)

I would like to be able to add a “Custom Name” to each device so that in the Overview->Maps->Availability View, we could see the “Custom name” instead of the IP/Hostname/SystemName that is set on the device.

OR a note field that can be seen in this view to point us faster into the right direction to which device it is.

I don’t know if this makes sense?

In any case thank you for taking the time to hear me out on this.

Hey SourceDoctor, I’m also looking for an option to set a custom name on a device independent of sysName and HostName. Ideally, the new custom name would display on the Availability Map Widget drop down “Display Text” menu.
I see that there is a “Display Name” option under the device settings page, however it does not look like I can use that field to identify the devices on the widget. Is it possible to add this field as an option in that drop down menu?

have you tried Display Name option?
Otherwise, feel free on contributing a pull request which handles your missed feature

Hey SourceDoctor, thanks for the reply.
I do see the Display Name option field which does affect how the devices name is displayed in the devices tab, however there isn’t an option for that same name to be displayed in the Availability Map widget.

If possible, could you send me in the right direction to add this feature?
Thanks for hearing me out.

i see your point.

the View Page can be found hier:
this should be the Controller:

for further questions feel free to join LibreNMS on Discord (easier and faster in handling questions)
or ask in Development area here in forum