Device Names always show on Availability Map

I work as and admin in a fairly big company (Publicly owned tho)
And we are looking for a new monitoring system, and I am looking into using LibreNMS atm we are using Solarwinds, they have a feature on the availability map or something similar where the names are always showing this is a feature we are very happy to have on our dashboard, since we have a big screen in the office showing our server status, so if a server goes down, we can see on the screen what server it is, and it can be given to the right admin, since we can’t expect everyone to see all mails they get quickly

Don’t know if this makes sense tbh, but names always showing would be nice imho.

Hi MehSchultz and welcome into the community,

Have you take a look into:
Overview-> Maps -> Availability?
Is it what you are searching for?

Well kinda like that maybe a bit smaller
like with out showing OS image and then with the ability to have it on the dashboard, since I want to show more info on the screen than just what servers are running and which are not

i think to understand.
You’d like to have the ‘Availability Map’ on Dashboard, but instead of up/down you’d like to see their hostnames in it?

Yes that is something I think would be a nice choice to have
I know it will take up more space but some people might want that (I do), since we have a big screen with different info about our servers :smiley:

Are you able to implement this as additional option into Dashboard Availabilty Map Options?
I think about changing Text and Content from “Uniform Titles” with ‘no’ / ‘yes’ to
‘Display Text’ with ‘up/down’ / ‘uniform’ / ‘hostnames’

The code changes should not be such complex.

Yeah that was kinda what I thought, just having it as an extra option with the tiles, I don’t know how this complex the changes are tbh, since I’m not much of a programmer myself

I’ll take a look on it and implement this.

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Thank you!

Pull Request is out:

Hi Source Doctor

Would it be possible to be able to add Sysname?


shouldn’t be such hard
i you like write a Pull Request with this changes :slight_smile:

did it for short …

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Thanks much appreciated

Hey! Can You add device names but on maps->availability?

Short hostname, without the domain, like in Alerts widget would be great.

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Hi SourceDoktor,

Can I ask for one more option? a Custom display name. I’m monitoring UPS’s where I don’t have access to change the hostname or systemname to something meaningful for us monitoring the devices. Being able to see a useful (custom set display name) for the device can help us make quick work of fixing issues.

I would really appreciate it if you would consider adding such a feature to the device object.

Hi BrandC,

welcome to the Community.

i’m not sure what you’re about and the cases you want to resolve with “custom display” name.
Because Hostname of a Device can be customized by yourself in Device Settings.

But feel free to write a Pull Request with the feature you think is missing.
If having problems or questions feel free to ask for it here in community or in LibreNMS Discord Chat for it.


Thank you for responding, I really appreciate it. How do I do a Pull Request? I would like to state my case in full for your consideration, with the full knowledge that it may not be a feature worth spending time on.
Again thanks for listening.

This here might answer your questions on contributing on LibreNMS